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Wealth Management Process

We are dedicated to providing investment management and strategic wealth planning to our clients. Our primary focus is to provide unbiased opinions that are designed to achieve long term investment results. 

Experience has shown that there are at least thirteen  (13) critical items that must be taken into consideration . While each of these items may not be relevant to every client, they do represent the breadth  of concerns that need to be considered if a comprehensive wealth management program is being undertaken.

  1. Investment issues
  2. Insurance issues
  3. Liabilities issues
  4. Qualified Retirement Plan/IRA Issues
  5. Stock Option issues
  6. Business Succession Plan issues
  7. Durable Power of Attorney Issues
  8. Gifting to Children /Descendant Issues
  9. Charitable Gifting During Life Issues
  10. Titling of Assets Issues
  11. Executor/ Trustee Issues
  12. Distribution of Wealth at Death Issues
  13. Charitable Inclination at Death Issues